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Instant Pot Yogurt Whey Chapati {Indian Flatbread}

Yogurt Whey Indian Chapati {Unleavened Flatbread} made with Water or Whey from your Instant Pot Greek Yogurt, can be on your table in 60 minutes or less.
Prep Time40 mins
Cook Time12 mins
Total Time52 mins
Course: Breakfast, Side Dish
Cuisine: Asian, Indian, Mexican
Servings: 12 Pieces
Author: Jill Selkowitz



  • Combine Flour and Salt.  Pour in Olive Oil (if using).  Add Whey, a little at a time, lightly working in the liquid.  Mix until Dough pulls away from the side and can be handled.
  • Turn dough out onto floured Pasty Board.  Knead the Dough about 10 minutes, until soft and pliable.
  • Cut dough into 12 pieces and roll each piece into a ball.  Flatten each ball into hockey puck size and then dip in flour.  Cover with a Flour Sack Towel and let rest for 25 minutes.f dough into flour and then use a Rolling Pin and roll out into a circle, about 6 inches.
  • Place dough onto dry, hot preheated Tava or Cast Iron Skillet.  Small bubbles will begin to appear.  With a spatula, lightly push on different areas of the dough, causing the dough to puff.  Turn the dough over and do the same.  Continue, until brown spots appear on both sides.  Alternatively, after one side has brown spots, place non spotted side on open flame and allow to puff.
  • Remove to plate and very lightly, brush with Ghee.


Durum Flour works, if ground into a fine powder.  All Purpose Flour will work.